MercyMe at Desert Diamond Arena

MercyMe Tickets

Desert Diamond Arena | Glendale, Arizona

Encouraging the fellowship of followers of Christ and gathering for a time of praise and reflection, MercyMe comes to Gila River Arena on Friday 25th March 2022! Not only will this be an encouraging opportunity to unify, but it will also be a time to learn from some of the most well-regarded preachers and healers from all across the nation! Sharing the love of Christ in troubled times, MercyMe will be a nourishing and unmissable event!

MercyMe at Gila River Arena

Join MercyMe. As the Lord Jesus has said himself, when two or three are assembled in His divine name, His presence is most certain. Christian believers hold on to this so a show that will assemble a crowd of people worshipping and singing praises led by no less than MercyMe will truly be a heavenly experience. On Friday 25th March 2022, the gates of the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona will open wide to welcome the faithful or those petitioning spiritual restoration. This is truly one of the best occasions for a Christian to rejoice in the music and also be in the mode of communal worship and prayer. If you are now saying a big 'amen' to that, then it's high time to book your tickets now!

MercyMe at Gila River Arena

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