A visual inspection, bag check and metal detector inspection will be conducted by Gila River Arena security personnel on all guests entering the Arena during an event, in order to detect any prohibited items, and for the safety of everybody. Please note that guests who refuse inspection may be denied entry by Arena management, and that large bags, suitcases and beach bags will not be permitted into the arena.

The following items are not permitted into Gila River Arena: glass bottles, cans, food (other than for small children), beverages, cow bells, noisemakers, air horns, beach balls, frisbees, helium balloons, weapons, firearms, coolers, containers, fireworks, illegal substances, and laser pointers.

To keep a safe, comfortable and enjoyable family-friendly atmosphere at Gila River Arena, foul or abusive language and obscene gestures are prohibited, as is obscene or indecent clothing. There will be no access into the arena for guests who appear intoxicated.