Please note that all information may change without notice. Check directly with Desert Diamond Arena for updates or specific queries when booking any event.

How big is Desert Diamond Arena?

This is a 13.5 acre event space that holds about 19,000 people.

What is the address of Desert Diamond Arena?

9400 West Maryland Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85305.

What types of events are held at Desert Diamond Arena?

As well as concerts and special events, Desert Diamond Arena hosts WWE wrestling, boxing, monster trucks, rodeos, mixed martial arts contests, and touring family-oriented shows like Cirque du Soleil and Sesame Street Live.

Is there an age limit for attending events at Desert Diamond Arena?

Most events are unrestricted. Some performances may be specifically for families, while others could be deemed unsuitable for children. Check your event information when you book.

Do you need ID to get into Desert Diamond Arena?

Having a valid ticket should be enough to get in, but you’ll need to show a valid ID if you’re purchasing alcohol.

What food and drink options are available at Desert Diamond Arena?

You’ll find concession stands around the arena which allow ordering from your seat via mobile, with express pickup. Desert Diamond Arena has partnered with Levy Restaurants to update the menu with local specialties such as Gadzooks’ tacos and soups, and Frozen Penguin ice cream.

What is the parking situation around Desert Diamond Arena?

Desert Diamond Arena is amply provided with parking, with extra public lots around the general area. Check out our Parking page for more details.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Desert Diamond Arena is wheelchair accessible, and offers all ADA required facilities.

Can I bring a bag or backpack into Desert Diamond Arena?

Bag policies allow only clutches, wallets, wristlets and cross-bodies into the Arena, and they must be no larger than 4.5″ x 6.5″.

Are there any prohibited items?

Yes. Desert Diamond Arena has a very strict policy on any items considered dangerous, offensive, or illegal. This includes weapons, drugs, recording equipment, noise-makers and more. Please check our Rules page for a complete list.

What time do gates open before an event?

Door times may vary according to the event, but generally open 60 minutes prior to show time. Your ticket will state the exact time of the event.

How can I buy tickets for a Desert Diamond Arena event?

We recommend purchasing your tickets with the Ticket Squeeze authorized ticket system. Check out our Ticket Information page for more details.

How long has Desert Diamond Arena been in Glendale?

The Arena first opened in 2003. It was renamed the Desert Diamond Arena in 2022.