The Desert Diamond Arena (formerly known as Gila River Arena) is located in Glendale Arizona, about 12.5 miles northwest of downtown Phoenix in the hugely popular entertainment district. The venue hosts a wide variety of performances and provides a seating capacity of 18,300 people per event.

Desert Diamond Arena is the perfect setting for live entertainment in Glendale, Arizona. You’ll see top notch performances from some of the world’s best known musical artists. Plus you’ll be able to see lots of other fun events, like rodeos, WWE wrestling and monster trucks.

Desert Diamond Arena attracts some of the world’s great names, and you can catch the next big event when you book a ticket here. You don’t want to miss out on the fun, so you should make sure to book your tickets early. With our preferred ticket provider, Ticket Squeeze, you’ll have the best chance to get the seats you want.

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Gila River Arena tickets

Where can I get Desert Diamond Arena tickets?

It’s very important when choosing an event to always buy your resale tickets from a reputable source. There are many bad actors out there who’re just out to scam you, meaning you end up getting a duplicate, fraudulent or invalid ticket. We recommend using only Ticket Squeeze to purchase your Desert Diamond Arena concert resale tickets in Glendale.

Tickets provided by Ticket Squeeze

We’re proud to be in partnership with Ticket Squeeze, to offer you the industry’s smoothest resale marketplace and ticket booking system. This system makes your ticket booking experience fast and simple, so you can be first in line for the best Desert Diamond Arena seats.

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Low prices and low fees

When tickets go on sale for an event at Desert Diamond Arena, there’s always competition for the best seats. Every agent wants to sell out tickets for popular shows, but our goal is to offer the same seats at a lower price. You’ll find other resale ticket providers charging much more for the same seats. When you book your tickets with Ticket Squeeze, you’ll pay 5% – 45% less than most competitors in prices and fees.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so we strive to keep ticket prices at an affordable level. Our dedication to this mission is why most of our valued customers come straight to us when they’re after tickets to Desert Diamond Arena!

Last-minute downloadable tickets

You needn’t worry that you’re going to miss out on buying tickets to one-off events or must-see concerts. We offer tickets for most shows as soon as they’re released, and we’ll keep offering them right up until a few hours before gates open. Access to these last-minute tickets means that you and your friends can always catch events at Desert Diamond Arena. You can book your seat just hours before the event begins, at no extra cost!

Anytime you discover a Desert Diamond Arena event you want to see, just click on the purchase button and you’re good to go. When you buy your downloadable tickets, you’ll get an email confirmation that gains you entry to the venue. Just download your ticket for display at the gate, and Desert Diamond Arena staff will scan you right in. Don’t forget to charge your phone before you set out!

Side-by-side group seating

We know you’ll enjoy Desert Diamond Arena events more with your friends and family. To make sure you’ll all be together, we offer side-by-side seating on all group bookings. That way you can book with confidence that you won’t be sitting apart from others in your group.

Just place your order for however many tickets you need and our Ticket Squeeze system will do the rest. It’s designed to keep your seats as closely grouped as possible. With our system, you’ll no longer be wondering where everyone is!

Event Cancellation and Refund Policy

Bad things do sometimes happen, and a performer might have to cancel or postpone. In that sad circumstance, you still won’t have to worry, because our booking systems are in place to protect your purchase.

If a show is canceled, a full refund will automatically be issued for your ticket purchase. You don’t have to lift a finger, because the 100% refund on your booking is an automatic process.

If your event is postponed, you’ll still not miss out. Your ticket will be automatically made valid for the show’s new date. Just make sure you keep hold of your downloadable tickets or printouts. And don’t forget to bring them with you on the new date!

Ticket Authenticity Guarantee

Our partnership with Ticket Squeeze demonstrates our commitment to providing only authentic tickets for Desert Diamond Arena events. This level of commitment isn’t always shared by others in the ticket industry, who may offer invalid purchases or sell duplicate and fraudulent tickets. This is disappointing and frustrating to trusting customers, who just want to be part of a great show.

Ticket Squeeze guarantees only 100% authentic tickets for every purchase made using our system. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee, in the unlikely event of something going wrong with your booking. That means that your tickets are guaranteed to get you into Desert Diamond Arena for the show. If anything in this process goes wrong, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

PLEASE NOTE: The above guarantees are applicable ONLY when you purchase tickets from our preferred ticket seller, Ticket Squeeze.

Desert Diamond Arena tickets purchased via any other ticket seller or website may not have these same guarantees. If in doubt, ALWAYS be sure to check the ticket price. Read all the terms and conditions thoroughly to confirm that your tickets are 100% authentic.