The Chi-Lites, The Spinners & The Manhattans at Desert Diamond Arena

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Desert Diamond Arena | Glendale, Arizona

The Chi-Lites

Are you an R&B lover?! You will be thrilled to discover that The Chi-Lites, The Spinners & The Manhattans is traveling to Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona. This is one live show you don’t want to miss! All the R&B performers with clout in the industry will be in attendance. The venue will be in close proximity parking sites and food courts just in case you desire to dine before or after the concert. The interior of the Desert Diamond Arena is a sight you must see with amazing lighting and homely chairs. The hired hands are trained professionals who warmly usher in concert goers. The melodious sounds of the concert reach your ears via state-of-the-art speakers cleverly installed all around the venue. Buy your ticket NOW! Click the ‘get tickets’ button today!

We have incredible news for all R&B lovers! The Chi-Lites, The Spinners & The Manhattans is in town Glendale. Reserve your ticket before the The Chi-Lites, The Spinners & The Manhattans sells out! Desert Diamond Arena is renowned all over Glendale for its breathtaking live concerts featuring the talented R&B musicians. Drive down to Desert Diamond Arena for The Chi-Lites, The Spinners & The Manhattans! If you dare, drive across states to Arizona for a weekend of some R&B! The concert venue is bathed in spectacular light, allowing visibility for even those in the far corners. The acoustics are unrivaled. The clarity of sound with zero echoes will blow your mind. Lean back into the comfy chairs and let the music wash over you. Order a ticket below by clicking ‘get tickets’.

The Chi-Lites at Desert Diamond Arena

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